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A selection of books on managing Acid Reflux – including some tasty recipes!!!

Medication and Alternatives

 Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagamet, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers: What to Use to Relieve Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and Gastric Ailments 

ll researched and informative. The author stresses the the need to get a clear diagnosis of digestive problems before putting the relevant advice into practice. The alternatives to the conventional to the standard advice given by Medics are explained in detail and offer hope for those suffering from all manner of digestive complaints. If you are worried about the medication you are taking and are looking for an alternative approach, this book may be for you.

Paperback £6.99 Kindle Edition £6.64 from Amazon


 Why Stomach Acid is Good for You: Natural Relief from Heartburn Indigestion, Reflux and GERD

An alternative theory on the causes of acid reflux, well explained, with strategies for dealing with it, based on the concept that reflux is caused by acid levels being low, instead of high. For anyone struggling to get relief through the conventional approach, this is a fascinating read.

Paperback £10.95 from Amazon


Heartburn and Reflux for Dummies

The “Dummies” series is famous for it’s clear, no nonsense approach, and this volume is no exception. This comprehensive book shows you how to recognize symptoms, get an accurate diagnosis, and work with your doctor to receive the most effective treatment for you. The format makes it easy to read, and to dip in to, making it an ideal reference book.

Paperback £13.99 Kindle Edition £10.44 from Amazon

Diet and Recipes
Acid Reflux Diet and Cookbook for Dummies

Another “Dummies” book – this time looking specifically at diet, and recipes, to help you avoid trigger foods, and still eat well. This volume also deals with other lifestyle changes that can help with reflux and heartburn, and is a very practical guide to living with reflux.

Paperback £11.89 Kindle Edition £9.99 from Amazon


The Gastritis and GERD

The Gastritis & GERD Diet Cookbook is a book of healthy gastritis and acid reflux diet recipes that can help to naturally prevent both disorders—from breakfast to desserts—it is a practical resource for achieving optimum stomach and esophagus health. You may also shed some unwanted fat, diminish your chances of developing other inflammatory illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes and even experience overall good health.

Paperback £7.49 from Amazon