Finding a good wedge pillow…

Wedge Pillows can help with acid reflux which can cause more discomfort at night than at any other time. Lying down to sleep allows acid to leak more easily into the esophagus, without the restraining effects of gravity. A wedge pillow is by far the simplest way of overcoming this.

It may take a couple of nights to get used to sleeping at an angle, but once you are past this you will find the effects are worth it.

Choosing the right wedge pillow

wedge pillow

It is important to find a pillow that gives you the right angle -that raises your upper body enough, but not so much that you feel as if you are sleeping on a plane…..

I have tried a few, including an inflatable version that some thoughtful person gave me at Christmas This was not a great success, but it was a talking point due to it’s tendency to deflate suddenly and without warning.

The Salveo Wedge Pillow

Finally I have settled on the Salveo Memory Foam Wedge. It isn’t the cheapest, it is worth spending to get the right thing – and what price a good night’s sleep?

I used to wake  at frequent intervals , and often ended the night regularly with a sore throat caused by acid. This pillow has made a huge difference. I sleep through the night, and if I do wake, it is unlikely to be anything to do with acid reflux.

This pillow has just the right angle for me.  The foam is of good enough quality so that it stays firm and gives me the right level of support.

The picture shows it being used under the mattress, but  it is more practical to use it on top, especially if you share a double bed.
It salveo wedge pillowcomes with a removable, washable cover, and you can use a normal pillow on top if you wish.
The angle of the wedge is low enough for it to seem part of the mattress. However,  it is the length of the wedge, rather than the height that matters.  This pillow is designed to raise the whole of the upper body, and put gravity back into the equation.

It isn’t a miracle cure. After all we experience reflux when we are upright. wpbuttonBut it does make nights far less of an ordeal, and I rarely wake with an acid burned throat these days.

The Salveo Wedge Pillow is available from Amazon.. …….. I wouldn’t be without mine…although…

The ultimate luxury

I’d love one of these – the ultimate luxury cure for night time reflux…we have a bedroom which has beautiful views to either side of the room. Electric adjustable bedI could  sit up and look at the scenery, have a cup of tea, read a book or the papers, at the touch of a switch, as well as being able to adjust my sleeping angle to help with my reflux problem. That would be real luxury. 

Amazon also sell these here….